AGRICULTURE is derived but the cultivation of crop and rearing of the animals.By the way we are well known about how the agriculture is important in today’s life .For every human being or every species in the world having life should need food to survive themselves.So agriculture is the main thing for Survival the world without food we can’t be lead our life. .I think agriculture was known us from our ancient times. In the ancient they themselves known how to cultivate and later it was known to I think in ancient times they had grown totally organic with out any chemical. So after that we are using chemical to cultivate and it leads to many problems in the soil and to the human beings.
Apart from by using totally organic it not will benefit for the farmers because of low production in the year 1968 we suffer from low production it leads to green revolution .so from that time they are using chemicals to get more production.
Past agriculture
In past the farmers are used to cultivate by using manures and they use to reare animals and use for ploughing and they use natural way of machinery like hoe,sickle .By using natural way of farming will leads to increase soil fertility and Protect natural resources and biodiversity maintenance and having food security. Instead of pesticides they use natural manures for the crops as it will help to kill pest and disease and it will not damage to soil fertility.
Present generation
In present generation every one are cultivating by using of chemicals and fertilizers .This leads to damage of ecosystem and soil fertility and health and water pollution . For each and every method in the cultivation they are using fertilizer.Modern agriculture is a great deal of capital

Rangu Divya

By Rangu Divya

My name is R.Divya I am Persuing Bsc(Hons) Agri. My hobbies are drawing and growing plants. My achievements is we had grown 4 crops successful in rawe program

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