SRI based on the following principles
Young seedlings between 8-12 days old (2-3 leaf stages) are transplanted to preserve potential for Tillering amd rooting ability.
Careful planting of single seedlings rather than in clumps that are often plunged in the soil.
Wider spacing at 25cm×25cm in square planting rather than in rows.
Use of cono -weeder /rotary hoe/ power weeder to aerate the soil as well as controlling weeds.
Alternate wetting and dry method rather than continuous flooding in the field.use of organic manure or Vermicompost/FYM.

One thought on “SRI(system of rice intensification)”
  1. Sri system of rice intenfication
    Using less water for crop cultivation
    In this cultivation by direct seed sowing method we use
    By the using Sri system use less inputs get good product
    We will get good net income

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