Hydrogel are known as super absorbent polymers SAPs, it’s a new type of macro molecule synthetic water absorbing polymer material which have the capacity to absorb more than 400 times its weight and when the soil began to dry out, the hydrogel present in soil gradually releases 95% of its stored water. Later when the irrigation is provided to the crop hydrogel start to rehydrate itself and repeat the process of storing water. Hydrogel can last for 3-4 years and most of them available in the market are biodegradable hydrogel that decomposes in the soil.

Hydrogel technology is very helpful for farmers in arid and semi arid regions ( areas with less annual rainfall, with help of hydrogel cultivation is made easy and can reduce cost of cultivation, improve soil health and yield of the crop.

Advantages if using hydrogel:
– reduces leaching of fertilizes in soil – helps in reducing pesticide application.
– Moisture released by hydrogel close to root area helps reduce stress and increase
growth and plant performance.
– Reduces soil erosion, farm run-off and surface leaching.
– Hydrogel are very much useful for arid and semi arid reasons with less water
– Reduce drought stress.
– Reduces frequent irrigation to field.
– Reduces cost of cultivation.
– Increased water use efficiency,
– Improve soil health.

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