Permaculture is the concept of utilizing land, resources, people and the environment in a manner that doesn’t produce any waste and encourages the use of closed loop system seen in nature.
Closed loop systems,when speaking about the environment,refer to the ideal where nothing should be wasted.
For example, instead of tossing old clothing into the trash – the materials should be reused or the garments should be sold at a thrift store as second hand clothing.
Permaculture is all about small,but impactful and mindful habits that allow us to use nature’s resources to pave the the way for new solutions.
Permaculture is most commonly exercised in agriculture,as it is one of the most essential human activities to supply our food chain.
The main mission of permaculture is to illustrate the importance of species and natural settlements. We can also build new mini malls or new apartment complexes,but we can never recreate the same natural ecosystem or habitat twice.
The ideal of Permaculture is for one to achieve their goals in the least – environmentally invasive way possible…..

G. Prathyusha

By G. Prathyusha

My Name is Prathyusha Iam from Kurnool district

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