IFS is a mix of farm enterprises such as crop, livestock, aquaculture, poultry, sericulture and agroforestory to achieve economic and sustained agricultural production through efficient utilization of resources. The principle of IFS model is developed such as wastes generated from one component becomes an input for other system and hence this is efficient recycling of farm and animal wastes in the Integrated system.
Apart from this IFS helps in controlling insect pests and diseases and weed through natural cropping system management and there is less use of harmful agro-chemicals for farm production. In an IFS model, the field crops are grown for food production. Horticulture and vegetables crops can also provide 2-3times more energy production than cereal crops and hence ensure nutritional security and income sustainability in the same piece of land. The crop residues after harvesting can be used for animal feed for dairy and goat production. This Integrated farming system is more helpful to the farmers and also helpful for the enrepruners to start up their own business.

Pandanaboina Nagalakshmi

By Pandanaboina Nagalakshmi

My name is P. Nagalakshmi. I belongs to giddalur from prakasam district Andhrapradesh.

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