Farm Mechanization

Farm Mechanization means The use of different types of machines and new technologies in the agriculture.

Some important machines in agriculture are different range of tractors,drillers, weeders combine harvester,Grass cutter,Water pumps these are all included in the farm Mechanization.

After Green Revolution the food production is increased by using all high yielding varieties and mechinaris.

India population is very high because of this, the food requirement is also high .
Due to the high food requirement we need to produce large quantities of food in short period. So rapid food production is possible by using farm mechinaris.

Now a days farmers highly prefering agricultural machineries why because ;
It will reduce the cost of production and also conserve the time and efforts of the farmers.
By using mechinary it will reduces drudgery and we use the inputs effectively.

Now a days farm Mechanization is adopted every where such as in tillage,seed bed preparation, sowing, fertilizer application, irrigation, harvesting,post harvesting.

Because of these reasons the farm Mechanization is necessary for rapid food production. It will increase the farmers income as well as Indian economy.

Kumari Kandipalli

By Kumari Kandipalli

Kumari Kandipalli From Visakhapatnam (AP),i am studying Bsc agriculture in BESTIU.

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