Floriculture, branch of ornamental horticulturd consered with growing and marketing flowers and ornamental plants as well as with flower arrangement floricilture includes forming of flowering and ornamental plants that can be used as raw materials in the perfume industry and tharmaceutical sector
It can help develop the local rural economy and also offer high chances of earning foregin exchange through exports
Flowers signifie strength ,puriety,consiences.
Main floricultural flowers rose,tuberose,Glades,antherium
Flowers are often given as birthday gifts,wedding gifts
When visiying sick individuals as well as at funerals.
The greatest advantage is that flowers need much less land and water for production when compare to rice and wheat.
Floriculture is largely thought of as a green house industry because flowers and potted plants are largely grown in plant growing sysytems in temperate climates though certain flowers cultivated outdoors in nurseries are crop feilds
Growing flowers for the export market
Growing ornamental plants
Running nurseries
Providing garding
Landscaping for advisary services

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