In India agriculture work is mainly done by women and it is more time consuming. There are about more than 20million women working in agriculture field.
The operations performed in farm like weeding, harvesting, digging, seperation of pods, threshing, shelling, seed cleaning are done manually by traditional method with traditional tools.
And this operations also done with many body postures..
So, this methods cause dudgery to women farmers and also it cause serious health hazard to womens. And cause various health hazards in specific operations like:
Skin irritation,allergy in operations like seed treatment, threshing and cleaning grains.
How can we reduce drudgery for farmers in agriculture:
By using the farm machines like seed drill. By this equipment we can reduce bending posture which is generally adopted in traditional method.
Sowing is done with equipment and also by using mechanical weeders for weeding operations and also by following line sowing with machines can also save the seeds.
For reducing drudgery some tools and implements were implemented for women like: sickle for harvesting crops, Tubular maize sheller it is hand operated tool to shell the maize from dried cobs. Groundnut and Castor decorticator it is used to decorticate kernel from groundnut pods.
Weeders like Grubber weeder, dry land weeders, paddy weeders, and machines like seed cum fertilizer drill, Dibbler , Paddy row seeder it is useful for direct sowing of paddy seeds on rows in puddle fields.
So, we can reduce drudgery of women by using machines , equipments and it also time consuming and cost reducing.

Akhila Chinta

By Akhila Chinta

My name is C.Akhila I'am from Nagarkurnool dist Telangana state I'am persuing agriculture BSC final year in BEST innovation University.

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