CORDYCEPS MILITARIS is a remarkable mushroom in the family of cordycipitaceae, it was originally described by carl linnaeus in 1753 as clavaria militaris. it is a entamopathogenic fungus meaning it parasitizes insects. it is quiet commonly spread through out the northern hemisphere.
c.militaris is a potential harbourer of biometabolites for herbal drugs and there is evidence from ancient times for its application for revitalization of various systems of the contains a protein CMP18 which induces apoptosis in vitro via a mitochondrion dependent pathway.
it can be cultivated in a variety of media , including silkworm pupae,rice, and liquid nutrition. 57 taxa from several genera are recognised as potential hosts of this species.
the fungus germinates in the living larva kills and mummifies it and then a orange /red fruiting body which is a few centimetres long emerges from the corpse and stands upright. the fungus ramifies through out the host and eventually kills grows at lower temperature i.e below 21 Celsius . they are hand collected for medicinal purpose.
A scientist from Assam made an effort by inoculating them on brown rice and provided artificial conditions for 15 days in dark. and exposed them for 12 hrs of light every day till 45 days.and dried them using special laser beems which restored their medicinal value. and it became a success .they are converted into capsules.
these mushrooms in their dried stated are marketed at 8 lakhs per kg. this helps in improving immune system ,mostly for people with breathing problems and cancer. it control the growth of leukemic cells .
these mushrooms have high medicinal and economical value ,producing this on large scale can give us great profits and increases its availability for preparing different medicines.

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