*The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed a shock on agricultural markets and its effects will most likely reverberate throughout the coming decade
*The macroeconomics impacts of the pandemic such as fall in household income these are leading to a decline in gross calorie demand
*Falling incomes lead to a contraction in food consumption and these impacts are large in LDCs
*Decreased consumer demand puts downward pressure on agricultural prices and production
*Changing agricultural production reduces the emission intensity of the sector
*Agricultural prices gradually recover after a fall in prices due to over supply in the short run
*Agricultural exports from india increased 25 crore in 2019-20 and 30 crore in 2020-21
*The growth of economy has slowed down due to shut down of different production channels
*Due to the lack of transport facilities and lobours the marketing gets very damaged due to this the economy also less the farmers gets very loss
*The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to affect agricultural markets over the next decade.
*OECD analysis highlights how slower economic growth could affect food security,farm livelihood,greenhouse gas emission and trade



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