Various types of modern agriculture machinery and technology are used in different agricultural operations nowadays. Different levels in crop production include – Primary and secondary level tillage of the soil, Seeding and planting, Cultivation, Fertilizer application and distribution, Pest control, Harvesting, Irrigation, Drainage ,Transportation, Storage, Handling the residues of earlier crops etc.
a primary tillage equipment works as a tractor implement attached with a tractor and helps in tilling the land efficiently.
Combine Harvester
Bigger in size a Combine works like a comb cutter for cutting the mature crops with threshing at the same time.
Rotavator or Rotary Tiller
A rotavator or rotary tiller is a versatile tillage equipment that uses a series of blades, to turn up the soil.
Disc Harrow
The disc harrow is one of the essential tillage implements that farmers can invest into, to increase their production.

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