Modernization has led to change in the mindsets, interests , hobbies and food choices in livelihoods and most of the teenagers are craving for western foods.To satisfy their needs it would be necessary for cultivation of exotic fruits and vegetables in our country. To facilitate this protected cultivation is the solution wherein crops are cultivated in protected environment by modifying temperature, humidity, wind and water requirements for the plants. Major crops grown in protected cultivation are bell peppers (yellow and red). Cherry tomato, cucumber, lettuce ,peaches,strawberry, apricots and so on by adapting to a protected cultivation produce of high quality with less incidences of pest and disease can be marketed. The produce of high quality meeting the international stands are been exported to various countries.
•Hence protected cultivation nit only serves as source of income and production but also acts as bridge of international connection via agriculture.



I am THOTTAMBEDU YAMUNA from tirupathi district .Had completed my intermediate at Narayana junior college.

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