precision farming in India:It is a modern agriculture practice involving the use of technology in agriculture remote sensing GPS and geographical information system (GIS) for improving productivity and profitability. It enables formers to use crop impacts more efficiently including pesticides, fertilizers, fillage and irrigation water.
Techniques of precision forming: it is compared of near and remote sensing techniques using loT sensors which helps to monitor crops states at multiple growth levels.
5R’s in precision forming is right time, right time, right place, right amount, and manner that to contribute towards successful implementation of the revolutionary techniques
Current generation mostly it required for Indian agricultural because it prevents soil degradation. Reduction of chemical application in crop production efficient use of water resources. Dissemination of modern form practices to improve quality and reduced cost of production
Precision forming can help in managing those inputs in on environmentally friendly way. By using site specific knowledge.
It also a one of the smart farming which helps agriculture process such as harvesting and crop yield, as the automation of sensors and machineries has made the farming work force more efficient.


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