Now-a-days mechanization in agriculture is very important. Because it reduces the cost of cultivation, reduces the time of harvesting and inter cultivation practices, reduces the labour work. efficient use of machinery increases the production, productivity and also enables the farmers to raise the second crop or multiple crop instead of subsistence crop. if we look in to the land holding pattern of India more than 80% of the holdings are below 1ha so, it may be burden for them to establish or purchase large machinery to increase production and productivity. keeping this as motto many operative societies, self help groups, and private entrepreneurs like AAS has created CUSTOM HIRING CENTRES OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINES as an alternative for hiring machines to help small and marginal farmers to increase production and productivity. Department of Agriculture and Co-operation has summed up the components of agricultural mechanization under various programmes and schemes which aims at increasing agriculture mechanization at faster rate. some of the schemes and programmes include:
promotion and strengthening of agricultural mechanization through training, testing and demonstration
demonstration ,training and distribution of post harvest technology and management
promotion of farm machinery in selected states etc.,
Under RKVY, NFSM and some other missions a subsidy of 20-50% is procured for purchase of farm machinery. some of the advantages for the technological development in farm machinery is gender friendly equipment, reduces the time for harvesting, easy for inter cultural activities, reduces the pre and post harvest losses and more.

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