I have done hybrid Seed Production of Sunflower during my “HoT” program in 8th semester.
Since I have experience in hybrid Seed Production of Sunflower, I selected this topic.
Scientific Name :- Helianthus annus
Family :- Asteraceae
Chromosome No. :- 17
– Sunflower is a common oil seed of India.
– It is a cross-pollinated crop, Insects (Honeybee) are the pollinating agents.
– The crop has got two types of flowers, viz ray & disc florets. Seeds set in disc florets which are bisexual but exhibit self incompatibility due to protoandrous nature of the flower.
– Flower opening starts from outer whorl and proceeds towards centre of the head. The head bloom within 5 -10 days. The pollen grains are viable for 12hrs. Anthesis take place at 5-8am.
– Self incompatibility operates leading to cross pollination.
– In sunflower, Hybrids are produced by employing Cytoplasmic genetic male sterility.
– Seeds are produced by transferring pollen of male parent to the female parent.
– The male and female parents are rised in 1:4 ratio.
– Isolation distance for foundation seed is 600m & certificated seed is 400m.
– Sowing should be done by preparing ridges & furrows.
– Seed rate is 1kg of female parent & 350gm of male parent.
– Manures & Fertilizers is FYM – 1 Tractor load.
– Supplementary pollination – As in hybrids, the pollen should be collected from the male parent, then collected pollen should be transferred to the female parent by using camel brush.
– Roughing operations should be done properly, to avoid contamination of seeds and also to maintain seed quality. This operation should be done before flowering.
– The harvesting, should be done when the flower head attained Physiological maturity – The change of head colour from green to lemon Yellow.
– The head should be harvested separately first in male & then in female, to avoid contamination and mechanical admixture.
– Seed standards – Physical purity in foundation seeds – 98% & Certificated seed – 98%
Germination % in foundation seed – 60%
& Certificated seed – 60%.
– Threshing & Drying should be done by drying the earheads under sun and then thesh with fliable stick for extractions of seeds.
– The moisture content should be 15-18% while threshing.
– The seed should be dried upto 8-10% moisture content under sun for long term storage.
– Seed packing should be done in HDPE gunny bags for long term storage.
– The seeds can be stored upto 2yrs if the seeds are placked in moisture container & are stored at low temperature.
– The Godown should be kept clean as the possibility of Secondary infestation.

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