The present situation of the agricultural in the market is quite good if the the demand of the agricultural products is more then the supply of the goods is becoming less if the supply of the goods is more then the demand of the product is quite less to maintain or to manage these kind of the situation and to make profits for both the producer and consumers the agricultural farmers should able to match these demand and supply chain of the market to match the chain of supply and demand the agricultural farmers should grow the crops based on the supply and demand chain the small example of these kind of the farming is to grow more than one kind of crop and it should get the profits to the farmers in daily, weekly, monthly, by annual, and annual in the way of integrated farming example coconut it will get in daily profit and green leafy vegetables if it’s planed and sown then it wil earn monthly profits.

Poojith Pavan C B

By Poojith Pavan C B


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