Agribusiness as a concept was born in “Harward University” in 1957 with the publication of a book “Agribusiness”.written by “john David”and “Gold Berry”
Agribusiness is the sum total of all operations involved in the manufacture and distribution of farm supplies ,products activities on the farm , storage, processing and distribution of farm commodities and items made from them.
AGRI BUSSINESS Is involved in three sectors

INPUT SECTOR:-It deals with the supply of inputs required by the farmers for raising output livestock and there allied enterprises.
These include seeds ,fertilizers ,chemicals, machinery and fuel.
FARM SECTOR:-It aims at producing crops,livestock and other products.
PRODUCT SECTOR:-It deals with various aspects like storage processing and marketing the finished products so as to meet the dynamics needs of consumer.

*It deals with agricultural sector and also with the portion of industrial sector, which is the major source of the farm inputs like fertilizers ,pesticides ,machines processing and post harvest technologies.
*It suggests and directs the government and private sectors for development of sub sectors.
*It contributes a good part of the national economy.

*It’s deals with different components of both agriculture sector ,and their inter dependence and influence of one sector on other .
*It deals with decision making process of farm private or government in relation to production and selling aspects.
*Agri bussiness is always market oriented.

*Our daily requirements of food and fiber products at desired place at required form and time come form efficient and hard working of many BUSSINESS personnel in input ,farm and food production and also marketing them.
The entire system in brief is called “Agri bussiness”.
*Agribusiness of late is combing the diverse commercial enterprises using heterogeneous combination of labour ,materials capital and technology.
*It is a dynamic sector and continuously meets current demands of consumers is domestic and world market .

As mentioned earlier agri bussiness sector provides crucial backward and forward linkages.

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