What is Neem ?

Neem (Azadirachta indica) belongs to the family Meliaceae. Neem is a fast growing, evergreen plant that can grow upto a height of 15-20mts and is mostly grown in the tropical and subtropical regions. Neem is known for its medicinal properties since ancient times. Now a days the products of neem are widely used in the agriculture as they are economical and ecofriendly. In humans neem is used for treating the skin diseases and for reducing the cough and fever, in agriculture it is used as green leaf manure to improve the soil health. Many parts of the neem plant can be used to produce various products like neem oil, neem cake which act as plant protectants.

Neem Products

Many parts of the neem plant can be used to produce various products like neem oil, neem cake which act as plant protectants. Neem leaves are used as green leaf manure and are also used in storage of grains. Neem oil which is extracted from neem seeds is used to control pests in the rice cultivation. The powdered form of neem bark and roots are used to control sucking pests. Neem cake is used as fertilizer and pesticide. The products of neem are used as organic fertilizers and pesticides in the crops instead of chemicals as they are harmful to the soil.

Neem used as Plant protectant-Neem is used as bio-pesticide in the crops. The pesticidal properties of neem is due to the presence of Azadirachtin, a growth regulator. Azadirachtin also act as feeding and ovipositional deterrent. When the insects feed on neem a deterrent
neuron is stimulated and results in antifeeding response from the insects.
Neem oil is used as fungicide for the prevention of various fungal diseases like powdery mildew, rust, anthracnose and also controls bacterial disease like fire blight.
Neem seed cake is used as bio fertilizer to provide nutrients the soil and act as soil conditioner.

Neem is used as urea coating agent as it prevents the growth of bacteria which causes denitrification and prevents the loss of urea. It helps to improve the soil fertility.

Neem can be used as manure : green manure- the twigs of neem, green leaf manure- the leaves of neem.

Neem used as organic pesticide and fertilizer does not have any harmful effect to the soil and also does not cause any harm to the beneficial insects. Neem is systemic and has long term effect on the pests. The use of neem products is highly recommended as they are cost effective and ecofriendly. ANANTH AGRI SERVICES provides you all these neem products and guides you through the usage of these products in the crops and helps you to attain a chemical free produce.

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