Biofertlizers are living organisms that provide nutrients to plants and soil as well.
These are naturally avilable in soil like rhizobium, Azospirillum, Azotobacter phosphorus, solubilizing bacteria ,
They are can be produced in large quantities by isolating the organisms
The steps involved in production of biofertilizers are :
Isolation of organisms from the sample :
Rhizobium can be extracted from root nodules of the soil
Media used for multiplication of rhizobium is yema media
Steps involved in mass production:
The sample is serially diluted
It’s grown in subculture by spread plate method and incubated
After 2 days colonies are observed
Extract the colonies and perform streaking then incubate
Isolate the required colonies and mass multiply the organism in lab by using yema broth in laboratory with the help of orbital shaker
Check for regulated growth
Out put is mixed with the suitable carried material
After mixing carrier material with broth bry In shaded conditions
Then pack and store In a cool and dry place
They are applied to plant for efficienct growth and nutrient uptake to the plant

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