Our farm equipment companies and researchers have developed a lot of small and heavy farm equipment for traditional farming needs but some kind of robotic and pneumatic mechanism are required in precision
If the robots are being used for weed control, that will help to reduce the herbicides usage and the produces will turn into an organic, the same way robots can be used for transplanting the seedlings to avoid intensive
A few impressive innovative technologies by rural inventors electric motors can be operated remotely by cell phones, it’s very helpful to farmers in summer time since the power supply is irregular.
Advanced intelligent machines in farming, Sensors or readers and hand held PDAs are going to be great helpful in computation and accuracy in
There are lot of hurdles taken in the agriculture sector in all countries but specially in
Farmers are decreasing in India. Many are leaving the farming profession by telling some repeated common sentences that it is no longer profitable and non wants to get losses and it is becoming risky day by day.
The disadvantages make the youngsters also disinterested in that.
Companies are developing and programming autonomous robots to handle essential agricultural tasks such as harvesting crops at a higher volume and faster pace than human labourers
Robotics will definitely bring the agricultural revolution. Although the road ahead is not very smooth. We have to calculate the feasibility, sustainability and efficiency of meeting the world’s food needs. However, it would be interesting to see how the farmers, agri-businessmen and the consumers will utilize the power of Robotics and digital-mechanization to shape the future of this industry.

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