Millets have been an integral part of our diet for centuries. Millets can also be grown in an environment with low water and input requirement. Anantapur is an area where we can observe less rainfall and dry lands,vast variety of millets can be grown, and are cultivated in Anantapuram region. Various GO’s and NGO’s have made significant efforts in recent years to promote Millets as an important dietary choice. The government of India celebrates the year 2023 as International year of millets with a view of popularizing millets throughout the globe and inspiring all stakeholders involved in the production, processing, value addition, marketing and distribution.

Gonuguntla Manasa Chowdary

By Gonuguntla Manasa Chowdary

I am Manasa Chowdary persuing BSC hons Agriculture at BEST Innovation University And I am from Anantapur

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