Feeding India and globe has become a major challenging challenging task for the farming community. Increasing population all over the globe has led to starvation of economically backward sections. Population of India and globe is increasing drastically with 141.69 crores and 8 billion respectively. Inspite of the majority of farming lands the produce is decreasing due to pest and disease attack, less shelf life, low soil fertility, and improper post handling of produce after harvest. To increase the production farmers are adapting conventional methods of agriculture. It is obvious that conventional agriculture has lot of ill effects both to land, human, flora and fauna . But survival is most important as like is saying that “something is better than nothing”. Primary survival is important rather than production of organic food in the community.

One such example is unprecedented crisis in Sri Lanka due to economic mismanagement and agriculture crisis because of implementation of agriculture policy which states “100% organic farming” and nationwide ban on chemical fertilizers and pesticides which lead to rapid transition leading to massive drop in agricultural output by 50%. This impacted on food shortage which lead to importing of food from different regions.
Inorganic farming helps in maintaining food security for the increasing population.



Myself Sindhu shree V pursuing BSc [Hons] Agriculture in BESTIU from Bangalore.

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