*Drip irrigation is a micro irrigation method in which the rate of water application is very low and without any pressure means drop by drop.
*Drip irrigation will deliver water directly to the root zone of a plant. the water will seep slowly into the soil one drop at a time.
*Drip irrigation is based on the basic concept of irrigation only the root zone of crop,rather than the entire land surface on which the crop is grow.
*By using drip irrigation we can save 30-70% of water compared to other methods

Need of drip irrigation:
*To use water efficiently.
*No water to runoff or evaporation.
*It reduces water contact with crop leaves,stems and fruits.
*Water is maintained at field capacity all through.
*No land levelling is necessary.
*Herbicides and fertilizers are applied to the crop by solubilising into the irrigation water.
*Less disease and weed infestation.
*Energy requirement is less.
*Prevents soil erosion.
*Drip irrigation also helps to irrigate hilly terrains or texturally non-uniform fields.

How drip irrigation helpful to farmers.
*Farmers can produce higher yields while saving on water,as well as fertilizers and even crop protection products.
*They can save electricity.
*Farmers can save operating cost of land levelling,making furrows,and ridges
*Farmers can produce more crops by using less water.

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