In agriculture,crop husbandry is the main activity,income obtained from cropping is hardly sufficient to sustain.Integrated farming (IFS) is multi-component agriculture. It is a set of agricultural activities organized into functional unit. Integration of different agricultural allied enterprises with crop activity as base, this would provide ways to reuse the waste material of one Component as input in other linked component and reduce the cost of production is called integrated farming system.
Integrated farming system embraces a broad range of food and cash crop production.

fish farming, poultry,Apiculture
goat rearing, bio-gas,
mushroom cultivation, Seri culture, duck rearing, Horticulture,
dairy farming, forestry,farm planing and budgeting, soil fertility management.

1) crop- livestock-forest farming.
2) crop-poultry-fishery
3) crop-livestock-poultry-fishery
4) Rice- fishery

1) Effective recycling and utilization of other available resources in farm.
2) environment safety
3) increase in economic yield per unit area.
4) create adequate employment opportunities.
5) solving in fuel and timber crises.
IFS deals with utilization of wastes and residues. To put this concept to practice efficiently, it is necessary to study linkages of different enterprises in farming system,It may be possible to reach the same level of yield with proportionately less input in integrated farming system.

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