Crop rotation is a farming practice in which different crops are planted in a particular field in sequential seasons. This practice can help to maintain soil fertility and reduce the pests and diseases. By rotating crops, farmers can also improve soil health, control weeds, and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Sustainable agriculture is a method of farming helps to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This method involves using techniques that are less harmful to the environment, like crop rotation, as well as other practices such as crop diversification, agroforestry, conservation tillage, and integrated pest management. It also focus on productivity, economic profitability and preserving natural resources.
Crop rotation is one of the many practices that can be used in sustainable agriculture to achieve these goals.
For crop rotation best crops are like cereals and pulses. Because in this rotation the pests and diseases which occur on cereals crops does not harm to pulses crops. Also the roots of cereals and pulses crops are different in depth variation so nutrients also utilized by crops completely

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