Cotton is one of the most important crops in the Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. At a time when most regions in the state were dealing with numerous farming related problems, one man stood against all odds, applied modern farming techniques and emerged as an inspiration for other farmers – Mr. Ingle

The back-story: Vijay was using the traditional methods of cotton farming and was getting an average produce. He realized the water supply could be one of the hindrances and drip irrigation might help him increase his produce.

The challenge: None of the farmers in and around his village had used drip irrigation for cotton. There was no way he could guarantee the success of drip irrigation. Was it worth the risk? Let’s find out.

The implementation: He purchased the required equipment and set up drip irrigation in his farm, sprawling across 14 acres. He had to invest a considerable amount, but he was sure it would pay off.

The Result : Drip irrigation allowed uniform growth of plants. In addition, it became easier to provide the necessary nutrients by using fertiliser through drip irrigation. The same year, he produced a whopping 35 quintals of cotton in his farm and set a benchmark for others to look up to. He was awarded Appasaheb Pawar Irrigation award for his innovative farming methods and achieving a feat unheard of in the region.
Mr. Ingle also recommends using BT Cotton farming as the BT variety of cotton is more resistant to pests and yields a good produce as well.

Ramya Reddy

By Ramya Reddy


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