An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used in agriculture operations, mostly in yield optimization and in monitoring crop growth and crop production. Agricultural drones provide information on crop growth stages, crop health, and soil variations. Multispectral sensors are used on agricultural drones to image electromagnetic radiation beyond the visible spectrum, including near-infrared and short-wave infrared.

How best you can use drone for Agriculture Industry
Especially we are working for agriculture drone because
in our country Majority of farmers spray chemicals without taking basic safety precautions and suffer from various ailments due to spraying of pesticides.
Traditional Spraying System Costly : 700/ Acre
water wastage 100L / acre
Time Consuming 1 day / acre
Labour availability issue.
Agriculture drone Benifits
Safety and Health improvement of our farmer no direct contact with pesticide
Cost Effective For Our Farmers only 400/ Acre
90 – 190 Litre Water Saving because only required 10L / acre
Saving Time. 10 Min/ Acres

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