As we all know that agriculture is the life on the earth but what makes the agriculture as the life is soil.without soil there is no agriculture and there is no life.
As we all know now a days due to excess use of chemical pesticides and some other chemicals not just the crops even the soil is more effected.mainataing good soil health has become a challenge for present era.
Many think that maintaining a good soil health is nothing but reducing the usage of chemical pesticides so that can achieve a good health.i can’t say that only these can provide good soil health .
because maintaining soil health is not just reducing the usage of chemicals or following organic farming.
Good soil health is that maintaining the soil to function as a vital ecosystem for all the living beings.good soil is the maintaining the soils ability to function and sustain the growth of plants.
Even when we concider the food chain the producers start from the soil itself disturbence the soil creates the most imbalance situation in the complete ecosystem.
Maintaining good soil includes minimum disturbance in the soil, maintaining its structure,texture,maintaining it’s life.
Here by I conclude that soil is the living and the life giving natural resource on the earth.

Let’s take a good care of soil in order to attain a good sustainability and a good life.

Keerthana Reddy

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