Pennisetum glaucum
•pearl millet is an important staple crop in the semi arid regions of Asia and Africa due to it’s high nutritive value and adaptation to varying stress conditions.
Pearl millet crop has a wide adaptability to local environment
Pearl millet is hardy and can grown in areas very hot and dry and on soils too poor pearl millet is considered more efficient in utilization of soil moisture and has a higher level of heat tolerance.
Pearl millet is adapted to warm and dry climate but the greatest area of the crop is cultivated in drought prone areas of the world.
Pearl millet is a principal source of energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals for millions of the poorest people in the regions where it is cultivated. These grains are all very high in calories.
Pearl millet is traditionally used for food products like roti, bhakti etc
In addition to grain and forage uses pearl millet crop residues and green plants also provide sources of animal feed, building material and fuel for cooking particularly in dry land areas.

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