Mushroom cultivation
Mushroom is a fungi producing a fleshy fruiting body, especially one consisting of a stalk with an umbrella cap.It has 2 parts -Cap like structure known as pileus, attached with thread like structure mycelia.
Types of Mushroom:
1.Oyster mushroom
2.Straw mushroom
3.Reishi mushroom
4.Button mushroom
5.Shitake mushroom
6.Wood ear mushroom
Steps in mushroom production :
1.Based on species it takes 1-3 months to finish the production process.
2.Select a clean room in which temperature , moisture and sanitary conditions helps to grow mushrooms in a better manner.
2.Sterlize the bags and paddy straws where the mushroom should be grown to avoid contamination.
3.Spawn should be distributed evenly on straws
4.Maintain humidity, temperature
and hygiene conditions for mycelium growth and fruiting .
5.Keep the bags hydrated by regular watering .
6.Harvesting and processing should be done for packing and storage.
Summary :
Mushroom cultivation is perhaps the most important microbial technology, after the yeast fermentation, in the economic terms.It promises to supply food with good quality protein produced from worth less lignocellulosic waste of varied origins.

Kothiralla Venugopal

By Kothiralla Venugopal

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