In ancient days agriculture or farming was constricted only for family consumption. With mechanization and modern farming techniques one can increase the production in integrated and organic farming which allows production chemical free food . Agriculture is commercialized in present days. Hence farming with the help of bullocks and traditional inputs becomes difficult. Machineries like plough, rotavator, leveler, harvester, drones, ripper machines helps to cultivate different crops in many acres at a time which saves the time of the farmer, decreases labour work. We can produce large amount at a time which is helpful for feeding the increasing
population. Irrigation and biofungicides application becomes easy with the help of drips , sprinklers , and drones respectively.
This mechanisatinon decrease labour cost, reduces drudgery,saves time, increases the yield and quality of the produce.
Mechanisation not only contributes for land productivity but also develops value chains and food systems as it has potential to render post harvest losses, processing and marketing activities and functions which are more efficient, effective and environmental friendly.
Henceforth mechanization can:
– increase land productivity
– reduction of drudgery
– achieve food security improving the livelihood.

Vemula Vijayalakshmi

By Vemula Vijayalakshmi

I am Vijayalakshmi from Guntur. Had completed my intermediate at Bhavana Academy

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