Farmer is the backbone of the country. Without farmer there is no food for humans. But what if that backbone is in need of surgery? What is the result of it? Why is that needed? Will it be normal again? The only manufacturer, who doesn’t have the power deciding his products price, is FARMER. Why? Focus to find and make it sustainable.
Perfect example for the hopeful hard worker in any situation with trust on the asset they possess is a FARMER. They tolerate all the threshold/ excess levels of loss as long as they are into farming. Their emotional traditions on soil make them to live the way they are. Now they are working hard and making the food, think of the time in which we could be if smartness is added to farming.
One of the reasons is the lack of awareness about the demand supply chain by the farmers and the benefits of schemes in the field of agriculture. The demand and supply will determine the market prices for the farmers and vice-versa. So one need to be conscious and cautious about the status of demand and supply chain in market to fetch good income. Schemes available in agriculture are to be SERVED SMART for SUSTAINABILITY.
The myth that only the final end product in agriculture gets us profit should be addressed and make farmers aware about the multi-profitability. For example, farmers growing dragon fruit can get his investment before he sells his produce (fruit) in the market i . e, by selling the seedlings developed from the cuttings. This will fetch him a good amount. This shows the way how we have to be flexible to adopt and acclimatize to the upcoming technologies. We need to do demand based farming-cultivation and make commercial thoughts in agriculture.
We know that unity makes strength. Apply the same in agriculture too. Why only one crop grown? Why sticking on only to one? Integrated models of farming are in the top level. Adoption these models can lift the farmers standard of living.
So we need to be in line with the latest technologies and the demand-supply chain, so that the backbone of our country – “FARMER”, can be strong, stronger, and strongest…..


Himabindu Kola

By Himabindu Kola

My name is K. Himabindu I am pursuing B.SC(hons)Agriculture at BESTIU. I have completed my internship at Rohanna agri private limited , Mysore.

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