Aquaponics is the combination of growing plants and fishing culture together within the same environment is aquaponics.In aquaponics we use only 10 percent of water compare to traditional farming.we can grow plants without soil and no need to supply fertilizers for plants because plants takes nutrients from fish waste.the nutrients available by the help of nitrifying bacteria it converts fish waste(ammonia) into nitrates for plants.Aquaponics is suitable for drought areas and the areas which having little water to traditional farming there is no weed problem,no application of fertilizers and can no pesticide use.the aquaponics is a cyclic process of plants- bacteria – fish.
I Noticed the disadvantages in aquaponics are Cost of electricity,expensive to set up, ..etc.
Water circulation is compulsory in gives food for plants with the help of bacteria and plant filters water and the water circulate to fishes .and we have to maintain PH level of future it will rapidly increase. we can grow leafy vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants..etc in required less space.

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