Agroforestry when we heard about this word we can say that its a combination of both agriculture and forestry.when we
here this type of farming many people gets a lot of questions in their mind like how can we do this type of farming?is it possible to do farming with forest trees ?what are the benefits we get ?

And there are many misconceptions some people think that growing of the crops with forest trees may increase competition between them and decrease their productivity. Having a proper knowledge in agroforestry reduces this type of misconceptions that farmers are having.

In fact following of agroforestry helps to maintain sustainability of life and ecosystem for example when we take silvipastrol agroforesty which means integration of trees,crops,grazing animals, livestock . Here people without any usage of chemicals or practices they follow this the crops are grown for consuming purpose and the left over is meant for grazing and the forest trees provide the shade for the crops grown and also acts as shelter belts and windbreaks.
agroforesty helps to attain biodiversity,greater productivity like growing of agriculture crops along with timber,medicinal plants increases the productivity in a large amount. practising the agroforestry helps to attain good soil health,reduces the impact of green house and climate change and more probably maintains the ecosystem, Maintains the life on earth.
Here by I conclude that farmers must know the benefits of agroforesty which helps to generate the income and also fodder for livestock.

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