Rural society means society that lives in village, and is dependent on natural environment.
These societies have a low density of population, intimate group relationship and are rich in culture and tradition.
They are socio-economically less developed.

Agriculture is the predominant occupation, Traditionally, their economy is based on agriculture having primitive technology and mono-cropping pattern, Small in size i.e., small geographical areas with lower density of population,
Primary group behaviour, i.e. face to face relationship is found among villagers, Mostly they live in joint family, More traditional Homogeneous in nature.
Largely based on caste system, which has a hierarchical base , Group feeling and mutual cooperation is more evident among them.

Closely associated with nature, Small. Land to man ratio is higher, Low More homogeneous, Less among groups & low degree of differentiation, Informal control, Relatively static & stable Non-agricultural, Remote from nature,
Large. Land to man ratio is lower, High, More heterogeneous, Different types of groups & high degree of differentiation, Formal control.

Labour, employment and income indicators such as labour force participation rate, unemployment rate, average family income, per capita income; education and literacy indicators such as percentage of men and women by schooling completed, functional literacy rate.

Health and sanitation indicators such as percentage of households which availed of health care services, percentage of households with sanitary toilet facilities, percentage of households with safe main source of drinking water; housing/household convenience indicators such as percentage of households with owned/rented or shared house or lot, percentage of households with house made of durable materials, percentage of households with electricity
connection, percentage of households with radio/television/computer; family planning indicators such as percentage of households with access to family planning services and contraceptive prevalence rate.

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