● Agricultural Revolution : The innovations in farm production that began in the 18th century and led to a scientific and mechanized agriculture.
● Major milestone in human civilization.
● Impact of the scientific revolution’s experimental method was great.
● Application of scientific ideas – crop rotation is the most important feature.

Benefits of Agriculture Revolution
● Improved the land, greater efficiency.
● New agricultural devices.
● Selective breeding of animals.
● Increase in available food, population growth.
● Labour needed decreased, freeing people up for work in other industries.

Agriculture machinery and equipment are the farm equipment, machines and farmers tools that increase agricultural crop productivity and food output.

Benefits of Agriculture Machinery
1. Precision of operation.
2. Reduction of drudgery of labour.
3. Timeliness of operation.
4. Progress and prosperity in rural areas.
5. Increased economic return to farmers.
6. Reduction of loss of crops and food products.
7. Improvement of work environment.
8. Improved dignity of farmers.
9. Enhancement of safety.
10. Increased productivity of land.

Agricultural Economics is a branch of economics in which the principles and methods of economics are applied to the agriculture industry.
Agricultural economics brings under discussion those principles which are concerned with the problems of farmer such as
● What to produce?
● How to produce?
● How much to produce?
● How to sell?
so that the farmer earns maximum net benefit and from which all the people of the society get benefit as a whole.

Importance of Agriculture Economics
● Agricultural economics seeks to seek relevance between cause and effect in agriculture.
● It uses theoretical concepts of economics to provide answers to the problems of agriculture and agribusiness.
● Agricultural economists here have to play a major role in understanding the complication involved in the foundation systems.

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